Using A Visual Schedule


Visual schedules are an essential tool in reducing anxiety in children with ASD while teaching flexibility.… Ultimately, the visual schedule can teach your child that a change in the sequence of activities is acceptable because the routine of using the visual plan is consistent and reliable. Here are a few ways to introduce a visual schedule into your everyday routine To get started you will need to sit down and write a plan that works best for your child or family. I use these pictured magnets displayed in the picture above. I have our plan located on the front of our refrigerator, and it’s at eye level for our little guy. These pictured magnets are great because they’re very easy to manage and hold up well. You can change out the pictures or adjust your schedule accordingly. Overall, Brandon has been doing well using his visual program over these six months. He is now understanding the general concept of a schedule and is now trying to verbalize each picture as we go through the tasks. It has helped as a visual guide for him and shows him where he needs to be next while also helping him connect the “word” to the “action.”

  You can find theses visual pictured home themed magnets on Amazon: SchKIDules 132 Pc Complete Collection for Visual Schedules, Kids Calendars and Behavior Charts: 132 Home, School and Special Needs Themed Activity Magnets (2nd Ed)

Here is a sample of what our daily routine looks like 🙂


6:15 am – Wake up

6:30 am- Eat Breakfast

6:50 am – Wash Hands

7:00 am- Brush Teeth

7:05 am – Get Dressed

7:15 am – Off to School

7:30 am- 10:30 am:  School Time


11:00 am – Free Time

12:00 pm – Lunch

12:30 pm – Potty Training

12:40 pm – Wash Hands

12:45 pm – Structured activities (flash cards, puzzles, reading, arts & crafts etc.)

1:45 pm – Snack Time

2:00 pm – Potty Training

2:15 pm – Nap Time

4:00 pm – Wake Up

4:30 pm – Out side Play

5:30 pm – Favorite TV Shows


6:15 pm – Dinner

6:45 pm – Clean off Dinner Table

7:00 pm – Potty Training/Wash Hands

7:15 pm – Bath Time

7:30 pm – Brush Teeth

8:00 pm – Quiet time in bedroom (Reading Books)

8:30 pm – Bed Time (Lights Out)

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