Splatter Painting


Splatter Painting with Acrylics

The splatter painting technique is one of my go-to’s when I’m feeling uninspired. I’ve used this technique in a lot of my paintings to create a beautiful night sky. This is guaranteed fun that will have you covered in paint, but is definitely worth investigating. Lets throw some paint around and explore the vibrant possibilities!!! Below you can find some helpful tips 🙂

With something like a night sky scene as an example, your splattering with acrylics technique needs to be quite “fine” and “controlled”.  To do this you need to mix the consistency you want – this will depend on the product you’re using. A good quality “liquid” acrylic will probably only need a little bit of water to get it to flick nicely. I like using “Basics” acrylic paints which can be found at Hobby Lobby or most craft stores. You will still need to take most of the paint off your brush (ie flick it somewhere else before you flick it on your painting surface.

“Lightscape over Big Bend” oil painting

You’ll need a very dry brush and a fair amount of force to make these tiny dots.  It’s better to make some that are too small first, and build up; than go in too hard, too soon.

If however, you’re after a more “vigorous” and more “splattery” effect, keep your brush quite loaded, and if you don’t want the colours to bleed together too much, make the consistency thicker.  If you want them to blend, add a little bit of medium or water.

 Try experimenting with smaller brushes like a tooth brush.  This will allow you to splatter in a very targeted way.  Try doing a couple of paintings side by side, and use one as an experiment.

Another way of controlling your paint splatters is to place newspaper or something else on the areas of your painting to mask them.

While we’re on that subject, I’ve noticed as an artist I was only concerned about splattering paint in the wrong place on my canvas.  Maybe a little late to mention – but it’s usually a good idea not to do this in your lounge room.  Find a floor you can ruin in the process, i.e. the backyard! (Or put a drop sheet down) 🙂 Happy painting!!!


Supplies needed:

  •  Canvas

              Artlicious Canvas Panels 12 Pack – 8″X10″ Super Value Pack- Artist Canvas Boards for Painting

  • Acrylic paints or water color paints

             Liquitex BASICS Acrylic Paint Tube 48-Piece Set

  •   Water
  •   Tooth brush/small paint brushes

This project improves and enhances:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Play skills
  • Creative play
  • Sensory Input

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