Sparkling Snow Globes

Shake. Calm. Repeat.

Need a zen moment during the holidays? Try making these sparking snow globes to help with your chill, keeping a meditation jar nearby can bring you peace again. As the glitter settles so will you mind. Plus, they’re super pretty and easy to make with your kids. Fill a mason jar with equal parts glycerin ( you can find this at your local drugstore) and warm water. Add a few drops of food dye and glitter of your choice. Glue down the lid. Close and shake well! 

Supplies needed for this project:

1.Mason Jar

2. Glitter

3. Glycerin, baby oil or, glitter glue

4. Warm water

5. Super glue

5. Small toys, or objects (optional)

This project helps or enhances:

1. Fine motor skills

2. Creative skills

3. Sensory Input & Mood


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