Sensory Friendly Tips For Your Child’s Space

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The “Dream Big” art collection was inspired by my son Brandon who was diagnosed with ASD in the spring of 2017.  The diagnosis was scary at first and there was a lot of uncertainty that came with it. It took sometime, but I pushed those anxious uncertainties out of my mind and began creating these artworks. When creating Brandon’s personal safe space, I tried to keep in mind that space organization = sensory balance. His bedroom was specifically designed as a ” safe & quite place” to sleep, rest, or read. For the art, I wanted to create vivid pieces that were inspirational and sensory friendly. The “Dream Big” art collection is meant to inspire young children with ASD to dream big and follow their heart… You can purchase these art prints @


Here are a few helpful tips when designing or creating a sensory safe space for your kiddo. Keep in mind that every child is different, but I think These do’s and don’ts are helpful in general, but not a standard for all. Thank you 🙂

Sensory DO’s

  • Use soft lighting ( I use soft LED light bulbs)
  • Plants are great! They clean the air & add a nice calming feel to the space. (I would recommend using fake plants in your kiddos room) If you want real plants in the space; make sure they are high up on a shelf where your little one cant get to them.
  • Use Natural color schemes for your wall paint (I used the paint color  “Sand Stone” by Ultra Behr)
  • Use curtains to cover windows  to help block out unwanted light pollution from the outside street lights (It can be distracting when trying trying to fall asleep)
  • Keep the space Organized! Make sure to clean up regularly and keep all toys in clear bins. I try to keep most of the toys placed up and away in a closet (Toys that are in reach and that are accessible at all times can be distracting for kids when it’s bedtime)

Sensory Don’ts 

  • Avoid florescent lights
  • Avoid using air freshers
  • Avoid using acid colors when decorating
  • Avoid cluttering the wall space
  • Avoid putting electronics (ex: television or Ipads) in bedroom

7 thoughts on “Sensory Friendly Tips For Your Child’s Space”

  1. I was doing some research at work, and found your videos on Youtube, which directed me to this project website. It is a blessing to see women like you share their passion, in such a beautiful way. Keep it up! God will bless you, and your beautiful family.

  2. I paint as well, and I would love to paint things that can be soothing for my children. Is it a specific color pallet or theme that are particularly soothing? How did you figure this out?

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