Fun Kid Activities

Gross motor skills are the use of large muscles in the arms, legs, feet and torso. These muscles are used to sit, stand, walk, run, change positions and balance. Here are some In-home activities that you can do with your child to help them improve their Gross motor skills 🙂

Carrying objects, such as…

  • Groceries
  • Kids backpack
  • Stacking or moving chairs/books
  • Watering can/hose
  • Diaper Bag
  • Using a weight lap pad or weighted blanket

Pushing or pulling objects and activities, such as…

  • Toy shopping cart
  • Laundry basket
  • Kids wagon
  • Tug of war rope
  • Toy Vacum
  • Mop/sweep floor with a mop,broom & dustpan for kids
  • Raking leaves dirt etc, using a kids wheel barrel or garden tools: Rake, spade, shovel or broom.

Jumping & Bouncing on/with item, such as….

  • On a trampoline
  • On a old mattress or soft area
  • Into bean bag chair
  • On a therapy ball (with adult assistance of course)
  • Happy hop ball
  • On Jumpolenes or backyard bouncers
  • Wheelbarrow walk

Climbing/Hanging on things such as….

  • On jungle gyms/Geo-Domes
  • Rock walls
  • Outside on rocks or trees
  • Up ladder and or slide
  • Climbing/Cargo nets
  • Walking/running/playing in the sand

“Sandwhich” Squishing activities….

  • Make a child “sandwhich” between floor pillows or cushions 🙂
  • Roll child up in a mat or heavy blanket as a “Hot Dog”
  • Give child heavy blankets, Weighted blankets or sleeping bags for children at bedtime
  • Bear Hugs
  • Firm towel dry after baths, wrap up tightly
  • Body/Foot/Hand massage with gentle joint compression
  • Roll giant exercise ball on top of them while they lay on the floor

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