Best Toys For Your Child’s Sensory/Playroom

Toys & Materials


  • Board Books with large pictures, simple stories.
  • Books with realistic photographs
  • Blocks (1 inch wooden clock with letters or pictures or multi color block set)
  • Nesting toys
  • Cups
  • Boxes
  • simple shape sorters
  • Large Lego blocks
  • Manga Doodle
  • Pegboards with pegs
  • Puzzles (wooden inset puzzles with knobs) or (puzzles with matching pictures)
  • Toys that encourage make-believe play (toy lawn mower, kitchen sets, brooms ect.
  • Digging toys (bucket, shovel, rake)
  • Dolls of all sizes
  • Cars, Trucks, Trains
  • Bubbles
  •  Balloons
  • Unbreakable containers of all shapes and sizes
  • Bath toys ( boats, floating toys)
  • Balls of all shapes and sizes
  • Push and Pull toys
  • Outdoor toys (slides, swings, sandbox)
  • Beginners Tricycle
  • Connecting toys (links, large stringing beads)
  • Stuffed animals
  • Farm set with barn animals
  • Little doll house set with small plastic people
  • Zoo Animals
  • Child keyboard and other musical instruments
  • Toy telephone
  • Unbreakable Mirrors
  • Dress-up clothes
  • Wooden spoons, old magazines, cardboard boxes, unbreakable items around the house (pots, pans)
  • CD or Audio of popular songs
  • Playfood

My Personal Must haves!

  Ball Pit & Balls

  • Small Indoor Trampoline

  • Crash Pad

  • Art Easel

  • Artist Smock

  • Art Supplies

  • IKEA Children’s table


  • Toy Vacum


Age appropriate books for young children

Books are a great way to share enjoyments and time with children. Books are also an important teaching materiel that can be used in your everyday life as well as in your child’s early intervention program.
  • Quiet Loud, by Leslie Patricelli 
  • Big Little, by Leslie Patricelli
  • My First Word Board Book, by Dk Publishing Staff
  • My First Colors Board Book, By DK Publishing Staff

 Animal Books

  • Brown bear, Brown Bear, What Do you See?
  • Carl’s Afternoon in the Park, by Alexandra day
  • Moo, Baam La La La! by Sandra Boynton
  • Touch and Feel Farm, by DK Publishing Staff
  • The Very Busy Spider, By Eric Carle

 Counting Books

  • 1,2,3 to the Zoo, by Eric Carle
  • Fish Eyes: A Book You Can Count Cn, by Lois Ehlert
  • Cheerios counting play book

Books about people, Faces and Body Parts

  • My First Body Board Book, By DK Publishing Staff
  • Toes, Ears, and Nose! by Marion Dan Bauer (Karen Katz, Illustrator)
  • Baby Faces, by DK Publishing

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