FlowBee Haircut Solution

A little background story 🙂

For the past 3+ years, my husband and I have been doing our best cut our son’s hair at home, but it’s been somewhat of a struggle. Brandon’s first hair cutting experience was at our local barber shop in-town when he was around 1+ years old. Brandon made it very obvious that he did NOT enjoy getting his hair cut and was upset crying hysterically through it  Not to mention the hairdresser seemed annoyed and impatient with us making the whole experience worse. From the unfamiliar environment to the high decimal sounds of the clippers, and the feeling of fresh cut hair falling all over Brandon’s face made the experience overwhelming & unpleasant for him. After that, we both decided that we would never put him through that again. So, My husband suggested that I start cutting Brandon’s hair at home (Mind you I am NOT a hairdresser) but I was up for the challenge Over the past two years I worked with Brandon; getting him familiar with scissors and the idea of getting his hair cut while trying my best to make it fun. I was able to gain his trust, and he let me cut his hair a few times with little to no problems it was a huge accomplishment for us, but as he started to get older, he began getting upset anytime I would brush his hair or touch his head. Cutting his hair started to get difficult, and no amount of candy treats or favorite videos would distract him. It also became a safety concern for us when he began to reach back with his little hands to grab the blade of the scissors. We were lucky that he didn’t get hurt, but after a close call with the scissors I started getting nervous cutting his hair; too afraid that he would get seriously injured. This method was not working for us anymore, and so I gave up on giving him haircuts for a while.

After some time had passed his hair got so long it was covering his eyes.  My mother and mother-in-law kept commenting that it was time for a much needed a haircut! We didn’t know what to do at this point. My husband and I discussed the situation one morning with his teacher at the school, and she jokingly mentioned The Flowbee to us. I had never heard of the product, but my husband laughed saying that he had heard of it.  The product was designed back in the 80’s, and it was some was an of “As seen on T.V product”. That’s when we started weighing out our options. I have to say that I was hesitant of the Flowbee purchase at first due to the cost, and doubtful that it would not work out resulting in a total waste of money. My husband mentioned to me that if we purchased through Amazon, then we would be able to return the product with no problems. So what did we have to lose right? We immediately bought the Flowbee, and it came delivered the next day. (An excellent perk to being an AmazonPrime member) 

So how did it go??  Well, it was by far the best hair cutting experience that we have had with our son. Brandon’s haircut ended up being perfect! I was shocked by how well the haircut came out especially for it being our first time using this product. Id likes to mention that The Flowbee requires that you to attach it to your vacuum cleaner (which can be loud & unpleasant for Autistic children) but the hose was long enough to where we could turn the vacuum on inside the house while being able to cut his hair outside. We just slightly closed the door to eliminate most of the sound coming from the vacuum cleaner from inside. It went so well! And I would strongly recommend this product to anyone! Please keep in mind that every child is different and that this product may not be suitable for your child.

Here is a list of reasons why we will be keeping our Flowbee hair cutting system.

  • Easy to use – The product came with simple visual instructions on how to use the product and attachments.
  • No Clean up! – The Flowbee attaches to your  vacuum and sucks up the hair while also cutting the hair at the same time 🙂 Yay! no more hair falling on Brandon’s face & body which is a sensory issue for him. Problem solved!!
  • Safe – No more sharp scissors or concern for injury with this product. Although, you do need to be mindful when cutting around your child’s ear and fold their ear down.
  • Quick – Attaches to Most Vacuums
  • Save – You will save hundreds of dollars in Haircuts
  • Warranty – This Product has Manufacturer’s

Helpful tips when using this product:

  • Get your child familiar with the product before using. (You can have them touch the attachments and explain what the product does)
  • Demonstrate the product on yourself so that your child can be more comfortable with it.
  • Use an Ipad or play favorite videos to help distract and relax your child from the stress of a haircut.
  • Give your child a break when they visably distressed.
  • Boost your child’s self esteem by encouraging them, and giving them praise for doing a good job.
  • Reward your child with their favorite treats 🙂

Have two set of hands on deck!  It helps to have one person to cutting the hair, and the other person to sitting in front of the child to provide comfort, support and a hand to hold 🙂

You can purchase the Flowbee on Amazon.com  Flowbee Haircutting System

Best of luck!!

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