Art Projects

Splatter Painting

  Splatter Painting with Acrylics The splatter painting technique is one of my go-to’s when I’m feeling uninspired. I’ve used this technique in a lot of my paintings to create a beautiful night sky. This is guaranteed fun that will have you covered in paint, but is definitely worth investigating. Lets throw some paint around …

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Kids Art Display

I love being able to see Brandon’s artwork everyday! Supplies needed for kids art display  I tend to hang on to ALL of Brandon’s little creations, and his art collection keeps bigger and bigger every day! Here is an elegant DIY project that uses household items to display your kid’s art Supplies needed for this …

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Kids Place-mats

Little artist Paintings turned into place mats Ready to use! Looking for a fun and simple art project to do with your kiddo look no further! These easy DIY place-mats are a great way to use a child’s artwork, and turn it into functional use. Plus, these placemats are easy to clean. Helpful cost-saving tip: …

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